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I’ve been somehow busy these days that I’ve got no much time to manage this blog due to school activities and some other important stuff to do.

As a consequence, I decided to deactivate this blog for good.

Yes. Some of you will tell me that I shouldn’t have deactivated my account, that I can just simply leave my blog even if I am that inactive.

Well, I have my reasons for doing that. Such reasons are a wee bit personal that I need not to tell them anymore.

Some of you might be telling me that my posts are worthwhile reading. If so, thank you then. You need not worry, for I saved my posts and compiled them. If you want to see that compilation (in .pdf format), you can download it by clicking the link “Download” on the sidebar.

Should you have any questions, feel free to message me.

These will be all for now. I will be focusing on my primary blog nowadays. Search far and wide, peeps.

This is Theo, now signing off.